Abstract: A network of disorders and disease genes linked by known disorder–gene associations, indicating the common genetic origin of many diseases. Genes associated with similar disorders show both higher likelihood of physical interactions between their products and higher expression profiling similarity for their transcripts, supporting the existence of distinct disease-specific functional modules.

The Human Disease Network
Goh K-I, Cusick ME, Valle D, Childs B, Vidal M, Barabási A-L (2007)
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 104:8685-8690

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Online exploration

The diseases network is available for online exploration with Gephi. No installation is required if you have Java 6 on your computer. Click on the following button to download an launch Gephi 0.6 beta3 (14 MB) with the data.

Gephi basic commands
Zoom: mouse wheel
Move: right click and drag

Full tutorials are available on Gephi website.

Notes about Java Web Start

It makes possible to execute complete applications online, after downloading what is necessary. It takes a simple JNLP file on input.

Under Windows: If Java is installed in a normal way, Gephi should be executed automatically once you clicked on the Launch button.

Under Mac OS X: If Gephi doesn’t start once you clicked on the previous link, double-click on the Gephi.jnlp downloaded file. If you encounter problems, be sure you’re using Java Web Start 6.

Under Linux: Open the Gephi.jnlp downloaded file with javaws program that you’ll find in the bin directory of your JRE (Java Runtime Environment).

About disease classification

Disease classification is a topic of its own, and some of them are anatomical and others etiological. As observable traits and syndromes are mixed, the map is not a precise scientific representation but an invite to discover the data.


The diseasome poster and online framework is based on "The Human Disease Network" dataset. From original data, several compatible GEXF graph file have been created. Graphs layouts and rendering have been performed by Gephi network visualization software. Isolated disorders are not shown and only the giant component is displayed on the poster. For further information about original authors or the Center for Cancer Systems Biology please consult

GEXF file used to create this map with Gephi network visualization software
"The Human Disease Network" (official) dataset